FitRunner is an Eclipse plug-in for FIT. With FitRunner, you can run your FIT tests in Eclipse. FitRunner supports Eclipse 3.0. The goal of this project is to help people create and execute automated acceptance tests easily.

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The primary goals of this project are:

  • Develop an Eclipse that allows users to run FIT tests easily. This part is already done. However, things can be better.
  • Develop FIT test editors for Eclipse. Recently an HTML editor can be used for editing FIT test files. However, HTML editors such as DreamWeaver, although excellent for web authoring, are still too difficult for customers. If close customer involvement is desired, easier editors are mandatory.
  • Demonstrate how automated tests (unit tests or acceptance tests) are developed. In the first version of FITRunner, only few tests were writen. A full set of tests are being developed. The experience of writing tests for existing code will be part of the assets for this project.
  • Develop guidelines for automated testing based on the experience.

Current Priority

Currently, the main focus is on unit test development for Version 1.1.0. The original version of source code can be found in the CVS repository, under the version BASE.